11 Tips on How to Save Money on conferences

Lots of students grind away at their books during the whole year looking forward to summer and to the Affiliate conference season. The best things if that Affiliate conference season starts right when the exams end! Isn’t that fabulous?

However, some students are both happy and nervous – they know that festival amusement can be rather costly. A good festival lasts a couple of days so you need to live somewhere and eat something. We are here to help you save money on festivals and to enjoy your summer to the full.

  1. Daily spending limit

You could object saying that food on festivals is expensive and that you want to get your rocks off without thinking about anything, but we’d like to ask you to calm down and listen to what we say. Believe us, people buy a lot of unneeded things on festivals under sudden wow-impulse. Don’t be like them and enjoy the music and the ambience.

Our recommendation is simple – check the prices for food and entertainment at the chosen festival and set a strict daily budget according to it. It’s an obvious suggestion but you can’t even imagine how effective it is because people often forget about basic things. Try it yourself!

  1. 2. Have money for emergency

Prepare a certain sum for emergency – for instance, if you need to call a taxi and so on. Keep this money separately and never even think about spending it! There is always a possibility that something may go wrong on festival and your emergency fund can save you.

  1. Don’t put your best outfit on

A rock festival (or a beer festival or just any festival!) is a place where people jump, sing and dance in mud. It’s not a place where you should try to look perfect – forget about putting on a new pair of shoes and Lacoste polo.

  1. Become a free rider

There are lots of sponsors on every festival offering cool stuff for free – water, snacks, merchandise and lot more! It’s not a good idea to be a modest guy who are used to buying everything. Remember – only an inveterate free rider has money to visit all festivals he wants!

  1. Safe in a bum bag

Humanity hasn’t invented a safer place for your money than a bum bag. It’s better than inside pockets – you may just lose your jacket, it happens from time to time. Buy a good bum bag with solid belt to keep your money safe.

  1. Don’t pay for a programme

We live in the digital world and festival programs are available online for free. Check them in Play Market or iStore and we bet you get them there!

  1. Take cash not card

Take only a certain amount of cash including your planned budget and emergency stock. If you lose your bank cards on a festival it will be much more disappointing than a small sum of cash stolen or lost.

  1. Book early – pay less

If you know for sure that you are going to a festival it makes sense to pay tickets beforehand. The earlier you buy the better price you get!

  1. Share a car

Sharing a car can be even cheaper than going by bus! If you have two or three friends who would like to join you and pay for gas – don’t hesitate and agree. At least you’ll drive in comfort.

  1. Consider booze restrictions

Usually it’s not allowed to bring your alcohol to a festival. Check it before trying! They’ll take your beer at the entrance or even cancel your ticket otherwise!

  1. Save money by volunteering

The position of a festival volunteer is always in great demand, however you can get it if you take care of it well ahead of the festival. But don’t forget that you will have to collect garbage and help drivers to find a place at the parking – who knows, maybe your shift will coincide in time with your favorite band?

Keep those tips handy – they will definitely help you when the festival season starts!

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